April 16, 2012

Travel to do list

As soon as I get a job I am saving up for a car, insurance etc etc.. because this week I passed my driving test YAAAY. I'm currently LONGING to travel new places. Granted I'll start small in the UK but then I want to go EVERYWHERE...Maybe I could blog about it, maybe that would be more interesting?

But right now in my jobless immobile state I can only dream, and this post is gonna help me get it outta my system for a couple hours.

Five Guys

I was reading TheLondoner's blog when I came across a page about the fast food restaurant Five Guys.. Unfortunately we don't have one in the UK but as soon as I get over to the US it's on my to do list! The food looks amazing! Check out the link to see what I'm talking about.

The Village Bicycle

Ok so I now probably look like I'm obsessed with TheLondoner's blog as she has shown me yet another place I HAVE to see.. This one a boutique.. Its good to keep it a secret but I don't think I have any readers anyways so its safe on this post.. I'll leave the honours to Rose to show you this must see boutique... (this ones a lil closer to home than Five Guys) : Looook Here!

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