April 17, 2012

Im flat-sitting for my Grandma & Grandad for two days whilst they're on a mini break kind of thing.. Some where in Devon - hardly exciting! So the 3 first things that excitedly jump into my mind whilst thinking of the perks were; FOOD - every grandparents' house is loaded with food we all know that, the printer (we don't have one at home) & last but definately not least.. Their coffee machine! So long boring cheap instant coffee mum buys... Hello a whole new coffee world.. Enter the KitKat Kappaccino.

To make one you will need:

  • A coffee machine.. or a cappacino sachet but it wont be the same
  • 1 KitKat
  • Espresso for coffee machine
  • Milk
  • Grater 
It's really simple all you do is make a cappaccino (1 espresso shot with steamed milk) add sugar to taste, pile the froth on top. Break the KikKat into two fingers, grate on on top of the froth (best to use a refrigerated KitKat as mine melted all over my hand) and place the other one in like a flake in a 99.. Just like that you've got a posh afternoon pick me up at home!

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