April 15, 2012

something personal...

When my life comes crashing down before me, it’s you who I turn to. When I’ve had the best day of my life, I share it with you. When I conquer my fears or shed a few tears, it’s always you.
It’s you I need in my darkest hour, I want you in my highest moment. I can’t imagine how i’ll cope the day you walk away. What I can imagine is you and I; I only want you, no other guy.

When I look back at how we met I wonder if it was fate, all the odds were against us and yet here we are mate. OK so I’m not your girl, and it pains me every day. But since the night I met you, I haven’t been the same.

I don’t think you quite get it, I’m crazy for you. No question about it, not a single doubt. Without you around the days are long, but the hope that you’ll soon be around keeps me going strong. I don’t know why I’m rhyming this isn’t meant to be a song. But then again this is just my feelings, there is no right or wrong.

Every minute spent with you feels like a second, every hour without you feels like a decade.
I can’t even watch a romantic film without missing you. I don’t want us to be perfect i just want us to be an us. I’d never let you go, never see you get hurt. I’d always have your back and be right by your side. I want to be there for you when your times are hard and I wanna be the first person you share your triumphs with.

It sounds so cliche, everything I'm saying. But I can't stress enough how much you mean to me. You may not realise but you make me a better person, a person I wanna be. I want to leave behind all the things that bring me down, move on and up with you in hand.

I’ll probably never tell you all this, it will probably forever be unsaid. Each time I try it will just remain in my head. When I can’t see you, after getting my hopes up, it feels like my chest is about to collapse. No one’s ever had such a strong hold on me like you and I didn’t even see it coming, I just fell.. Heart first.

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