April 15, 2012

Move over Instagram

I've been boiling to the brim with jealousy of all current iPhone owners for a long time now. A complete change of heart considering I've forever been team Blackberry & been convinced that a BB trumps an iPhone 10 times over. This was all down to a lovely app called Instagram. I've wasted hours of my life admiring other blogger's Instagram pictures longing that my contract will run out in no time and I can then do the switch (that most BB users have been doing..) But then on one faithful, beautiful day.. after admitting defeat, I was browsing Blackberry App World at all the camera apps in order to find something to distract me from the said iPod app, when i discovered my savior.. MOLOME... I'm not aware of any of my friends using it.. But they bloody well should.. It's basically the Instagram for Blackberry (probably not as good but good enough to keep me happy).  So now I can join the 'My week on Instagram' cult except I'll be using Molome.. If there's any Blackberry users with the same problem this is your answer!

Morning teapot of tea to get me started.
 Wake & Bake (one of my favorite pictures)
 Banana smoothie - It was gorgeous I did myself proud.
 The cute beads I got from Ebay (The colours aren't as bright as the photo portrays - but still cute).

Easter Sunday evening 'Beer & Blaze'
 Sunday morning 'wake' and bake - although some of us never slept.
 The GORGEOUS yumyum and slushie with Grandma after a spot of charity shop prowling.
 Ants new look...
 The AMAZING Double Decker, Rolo & Malteasers buns I made which went down a storm at my dad's girlfriends 40th.
 I left my mark on dad's fridge.. I like it..
 BOGOF on Jaffa Cakes at Spar! I couldn't pass up on an offer like that!
 Me one weekend (I was just practicing with Molome really)

Baby Noah makes a debut on my blog! How beautiful is this pic!
My to die for shoes from New Look (they broke the second time I wore them and I'm very broken over it but that's what D.I.Y is for people!)

 O.P.I Nicki Minaj range in 'fly' officially my favorite nail varnish!

That's all for now folks!

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