April 3, 2012

A golden Ticket!

So I'm posting this in case anyone else appreciates this as much as my sister and I..
I have a bit of an Ebay problem sometimes, occurs every time i get paid money i don't need and instead of saving i impulse buy.. so one day i though about treating me and my sister to something we'd always talked about and lusted after whenever we'd had munchies...

Its not an official one but its a replica which i thought was better as it actually looks like the ones on the film! The chocolate was only cheap what i call Christmas chocolate (the chocolate you get in Christmas tree decorations and stuff like that) but i just so happen to love that kind of chocolate so i was made up

And the best bit? you actually get a golden ticket! you can just see the edge of it in this picture, however someone used my ticket for roach which broke my heart so I didn't get to take a picture. I did take a pic of my sisters though,.. Although i was disappointed that it didn't look like the one in the film i let my childish side take over and was just happy to say i had one!

I got this Wonka bar from HERE ...

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