March 14, 2012

Sexy Shoesies..

So I have this delicious pair of shoes from Dorothy Perkins, however the club I wear them to has gotten the better of them and made a few dents and marks on the heels.. So me being the beautifully talented gyal I am, customised them to freshen them up. Seriously I'm not that talented it was child's play...

Excuse the hideous mess on the floor I promise I tidied and hoovered today :D.

So I funked the already lovely shoes up and made them even more gorgeous ....

And it only cost me a couple of quid, I got the 'diamonds' as they re named on the packet - haha yeah right, from POUNDLAND. Definitely getting some more! And the glue was from my gran (if you don't have a gran as awesome as mine you can get superglue any where, or you can use nail glue) and the rest is pretty self explanatory!.. Ooh I love a 5 minute job to funk up your wardrobe!
xx J

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