March 14, 2012

The Country Bucket.

Ive always wanted to travel and have been thinking about it a lot more lately so to get some of it outta my system I'm gonna post about it OK? So the places I'd LOVE and NEED to travel to before i die are,.well some of them as I got bored after all that,.. drum roll please..

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Dirt cheap & loaded with culture along with a who load of sunshine? If that's not an unmissable experience I don't know what is..

San Jose - Costa Rica 

Another cheap as chips city with some of the most beautiful scenes, views and beaches I have ever seen. I'd be gutted to go to a place like this without one of them really professional cameras!.

Guayaquil - Ecuador 

Another cheapskates dream but just look at the buildings? why would you have a reason not to go? Not to mention the fact that I love the song...Laaaaaaaaaame.

Rome - Italy..
Need I say anymore?..Didn't think so.

  Paris - France...
Aside from the views there's the fashion and the food..
I'm won already! Bonvoyage.

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