February 29, 2012

Mood Board

I love the catepillar from Alice in wonderland, these shoes are so cute! ☮ I cant get enough of tea at the mo & am making it my mission to try almost every kind I can find.. I also learnt how to make turkish coffee and have a mini obsession with not only the drink but the teeny tiny cups they come in.☮ I really want a dashiki.. I have no idea how I would wear it but I just love the prints. ☮ Obviously the flatforms are big at the mo, I find them quite hit & miss but these Marc Jacob ones are toooo cute. ☮ Had a blast from the past googling Kelly Kapowski & Lisa Turtle - Their outfits excite me I want their wardrobes! ☮ Finally I looooooooove these shoes !! I need a pair now.

xx J☮

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