February 9, 2012

getting there..

So I've started to have a go at sewing, dress making etc & I think I'm starting to get there slowly but surely.. So far I've managed to edit 2 garments..
These were high waisted polazzo pants from Primark, but with the inspiration/help from Fabi's blog I managed to make them into cute shorts for the spring yaaay.

This dress was made from a paisley maxi dress from Newlook and a pink vest top from Topshop, its pretty basic I just made an elasticated skirt out of the dress and sewed the skirt to the top. I'm not advanced enough to do much else, one day...

Although it was only basics I really enjoyed making these two so I'm gonna keep practicing and see what i come up with, i also made a beautiful necklace from the leftover fabric of the maxi dress but i don't have a picture at the moment so that will be another post, another time. I love getting arty :D.


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