February 1, 2012

F*ck a sleeve i need me a Jumper

Tattoos have worryingly become more of a fashion statement in this day and age & although Ive always had a thing for them i cant help but jump on the bandwagon. Theres so many different designs i want! But should a tattoo be a symbol of something personal/special or can it be purely for fashion? What if fashion is your passion? Some people (like my mum) are terrified of the idea based on the fact that its there for life but i see it as showing growth (your tastes may change or you may have always had the same feeling about something thats so stong its lifelong. I see tattoos as neither a fashon statement or a symbol of something meaningful, but an art form, which basically sums up both. 

Im inlove with Rhianna's ink myself. I stole
these pics from FO SHIZZLE They were
so sexy I couldnt help myself...

I really like that she has loads of small random ones as I want a few random ones myself.

I would love to be a tattoo artist but I cant seem to get into it.

I also like attempting to draw my own and although i need more practice, some im considering for myself. I designed my grans too i always forget that achievement. I'd love to be a tattoist or a DJ but I always get distracted and cant afford to get art college behind me. Anywhooo put your violins away, heres what I came up with...
Some are copied some are my own designs, theyre all just brainstorms I need to spend more time on it..


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