January 31, 2012

sunglasses without the sun.

So I've always said its better to get sunglasses in the winter as they're always really cheap, and lets face it JSA can't get me a pair of RayBan Wayferers can it! (Lets hope I get this job tomorrow!) And I was proven right in town today, everywhere I looked BAM sunglasses and summer fashion sales! If you suffer SAD like me its always a day brightener to see bright neon bikinis and imagine your in barbados or venice, untill you lose concentration and walk into a mannequin.
Today I snapped up 2 pairs of sexy sunglasses...

And how much did i blow out on the two? A full £3... Yeah! That's right, three pounds. Praise Peacocks at a time like this.

l.ately I've been making an effort to channel my fashion idea's, even if its nearly impossible to get me out of a hoodie and pajama bottoms in this weather! And so now im OBSESSED with vintage sunglasses and have been bidding all over ebay tryna snatch up a pair suitable for someone like myself on a low budget.

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