January 10, 2012

Gaga for this Lady..

#Confessions Lady Gaga admitted buying designer fakes...

The Mirror reported that Gaga snatched up some counterfeit items while in Japan last month. She said, “In Tokyo, they have all these stores that have fake Chanel and Versace & I’m an Italian from New York, so I still buy it. This jacket is a fake.”
At least she's honest and true to her roots I guess? Apparently though (and i only found this from the internet) if it’s fakes she wants, she can stock up on faux brands down on Canal Street in her native NYC. She doesn’t even need to go so far east to Japan to find some quality knockoffs.. But I guess if you had the choice you'd travel to Japan too! Well I know i would!

I personally love that Gaga fakes it, it shouts out to us who aren't on a million pound budget that we can still be as cool as our idols! Withouth having to skip a weeks food.


Lady Gaga's Italian Vogue photoshoot.

Im not very good at setting the images yet so for now heres the best I could do before I chucked my laptop at the wall...
But here they are.. to get a better view go to http://gagaimages.org/displayimage.php?album=1529&pid=34254#top_display_media 
Which I found from an AMAZING fansite www.ladygaganow.net

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