January 19, 2012

A Shore Obsession

 It's #JERZDAY and being a UK resident, I cant watch Jersey Shore tonight so I thought i'd take out my obsession on here, expect loads of random, unorganised pics a quotes... HOT MESS.

Sammi drove me craaaaaazy in the first couple seasons but then as soon as the girls made up I fell in love with her, I guess she's my guilty pleasure that I just  cant STAHHHHP. You can't deny she is beautiful though.

My all time favourite of the girls, and always will be is Snooki she's just amazing.. I cant seem to find a word to describe how amazing she is.

I get so angry when people hate on her, shes just doing her, being true to herself and having fun. You just dont get her!

Not forgetting the most touching bromance in the UNIVERSE... Pauly D and Vinny, I legit get jealous of their relationship. Yeah I cried when Vinny left..so what? Go and judge me.

Okaaaaay i think im done....

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